Write Function

Web3Hook will write to a public function at a specified smart contract.

  • Accept Invite & Build a Zap

  • Create a new Zap

  • Test your trigger and continue

  • Select Web3Hook as your Action

  • Write Function

  • Sign in


  • Select the Wallet

  • Input API Key

  • Input API Secret

For more information on API Key and API Secret visit: Definitions

  • Select Function. In this example, we're selecting transfer(address to, uint256 amount)

  • This take two arguments:

    • address to transfer tokens to

    • amount of tokens to transfer

  • In this example Arguments:

    • 0xdA064B1Cef52e19caFF22ae2Cc1A4e8873B8bAB0,1000000000000000000

  • If the Amount requires no ETH, then leave blank

  • Continue will will transfer tokens

For more information on contract addresses and ABIs, visit: Definitions

  • Test trigger

  • View data

  • Publish 🎉

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